Highscore Games

  • King of Drift
    King of Drift
    Played 4503 times

    Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

  • I want to be a Billionaire 2
    I want to be a Billionaire 2
    Played 2542 times


  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 641 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

  • Make it Rain
    Make it Rain
    Played 1061 times
  • Sniper Team
    Sniper Team
    Played 2570 times

    When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

  • Dead Zed
    Dead Zed
    Played 1525 times

    Traditional etiquette says it's best to greet zombies with a firm handshake...and a bazooka.

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple
    Played 1067 times

    Who thought fire and water could be the best of friends?!

  • Perfect Fall
    Perfect Fall
    Played 899 times

    Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Hit the court and aim to win in this awesome sports game, Perfect Fall!

  • Hyper Dunker
    Hyper Dunker
    Played 1346 times

    What would make basketball an even better game? If you got points for style.

  • 911 Rescue Team
    911 Rescue Team
    Played 889 times

    Race to the rescue; it's an emergency!

  • Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Played 21539 times
  • 5 Nights Mega Parking
    5 Nights Mega Parking
    Played 593 times

    Play 5 Nights Mega Parking for free now and drive through the daunting alleys of horror Freddy Fazbear style! Complete your missions and avoid bumping into dark and dangerous obstacles while you earn money too! Test your driving skills in just 5 nights now.

  • Bike Racing
    Bike Racing
    Played 729 times

    Show off your awesome bike racing skills in this totally fun and competitive sports game, Bike Racing! There are many stages to ride through and each one offers a different challenge.

  • Euro Football Pong 2016
    Euro Football Pong 2016
    Played 925 times

    Get ready to take on the big leagues of one the world's greatest sports games. Block the opponent's ball, score goals for your team to prove you are the best player on the field this season!

  • Zball 3: Football
    Zball 3: Football
    Played 1298 times

    Move the ball across the platform without it falling off the edge in the third sequel of the popular skills based game. Collect flags to use as currency to buy your favorite football team, avoid the pitfalls to reach your end goal, and most of all: Have fun as you go Zball!

  • Penthouse Pool
    Penthouse Pool
    Played 1505 times

    Chalk up and outhustle the competition!

  • Kayaking Down
    Kayaking Down
    Played 1404 times

    The kayaking competition that’s waiting for you in this retro sports game is really intense! Can you outwit and outlast the competition? Avoid the rocks and other players while you race towards the finish line.

  • Basketball Down
    Basketball Down
    Played 1461 times

    This endless court is filled with NBA superstars that are determined to block your shots and dunks. Rush past them while you aim for each one of the hoops in this retro basketball game. How long can you last out there while you fight to unlock jerseys from some of your favorite teams?

  • Surfing Down
    Surfing Down
    Played 1294 times

    The ocean is a dangerous place. Just ask this incredibly brave surfer! Can you keep him safe from jagged rocks, hungry sharks and other dangers in this retro sports game?

  • Andy's Golf
    Andy's Golf
    Played 1294 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to get a hole in one? It’s not as easy as it looks. Complete the course!

  • 10x10
    Played 2399 times
  • Car Chaos
    Car Chaos
    Played 32 times

    Can you keep your cool in times of chaos—or will your nerves result in a crippling car crash?

  • Green Ball
    Green Ball
    Played 145 times

    Get ready for an unusual adventure in this totally cool brand new arcade game, Green Ball. The controls are very simple but it'll take time to master! Jump over pits and sharp spikes in order to survive.

  • Wirebuzz
    Played 24 times

    This wire loop game is all about concentration as you guide the metal loop along a wire without touching it. If you touch the wire you lose. Guide the loop down or up along the twisting shape of the path. Wirebuzz is a virtual fun way to develop or improve your hand-eye coordination!

  • Last Guardian
    Last Guardian
    Played 310 times

    The city's last hopes for survival are resting on you...no pressure, soldier.

  • Pipe Riders
    Pipe Riders
    Played 315 times

    Let's see how deep the rabbit-hole goes...

  • Under the Star Night
    Under the Star Night
    Played 0 times

    Make magnificently multicolored meteor showers!

  • Silly Ways to Die: Differences
    Silly Ways to Die: Differences
    Played 36 times

    Our crazy silly friends from "Silly Ways to Die" are back and they definitely can’t stop hurting each other or themselves. This time they bring you a cool difference game where you have get the highest score possible by finding all the differences before the time runs out!

  • Sky Battle
    Sky Battle
    Played 315 times

    It's war and you're flying solo against a barrage of missiles and enemy planes. Survive as long as you can in this awesome new arcade game, Sky Battle! Are you ready to fly in the war-torn sky?

  • Zombie Days 3D
    Zombie Days 3D
    Played 59 times

    How will you escape all of the zombies that are waiting to sink their teeth into you in this action game? Choose from perks like an awesome weapon or a head start before you begin running for your life.

  • Flight Of The Hamsters
    Flight Of The Hamsters
    Played 25 times

    Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the new extreme sport of hamster launching!

  • Frenzy Trail
    Frenzy Trail
    Played 48 times

    Can you stay on target and on track in this exciting point and click game? Test your reflexes while you fight to hit the dot when it reaches a certain point.

  • GTO Drift
    GTO Drift
    Played 139 times

    Slide your car around the circuit, picking up stars and racing the ghost car to the finish line!

  • Rugby Down Hero
    Rugby Down Hero
    Played 420 times

    This crazy game combines the thrills of football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a gridiron hero?

  • Shifty Gears
    Shifty Gears
    Played 131 times

    A patient with mysterious powers has just escaped from a secret laboratory. Help him make his escape in this thrilling racing game. He can use his newfound abilities to evade his captors and run other cars right off the road!

  • Shop Empire Fantasy
    Shop Empire Fantasy
    Played 116 times

    This magical kingdom is filled with adventure but somebody needs to stay home and manage the shops, right? Can you build an enchanted shopping mall in this simulation game? You’ll need to pick the right stores, hire security guards and more!

    • Tomb Runner
      Tomb Runner
      Played 252 times

      How far can Professor Jones keep running in the adventures of Tomb Runner? Run, jump, slide, rush and surf through, over and under various obstacles through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. Unlock cool characters like Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer and so much more! Endless running fun!

    • Trump Has Fallen
      Trump Has Fallen
      Played 97 times

      Donald Trump has seized the White House and he’s determined to keep his political opponents from giving him the boot. Help the controversial presidential candidate defend it in this action game.

    • Accurate Slapshot
      Accurate Slapshot
      Played 64 times

      Think outside the box? This game thinks outside the rink!

    • Backalley Frisbee
      Backalley Frisbee
      Played 0 times


    • Basketball Scorer
      Basketball Scorer
      Played 20 times

      Gear up for some hoop-shooting action!

    • Chef Jump
      Chef Jump
      Played 294 times

      This chef is stuck on this really small island and has to dodge incoming knives in order to survive! Jump and double jump in this totally fun game, Chef Jump!

    • Cycling Down
      Cycling Down
      Played 365 times


    • Gluey
      Played 23 times

      Make a stir with these super-sticky blobs and their slippery stunts.

    • Juicy Stack
      Juicy Stack
      Played 0 times

      These crazy shapes need to shape up. Can you help them out?

    • Rolling Fall
      Rolling Fall
      Played 345 times

      Rock and roll the zombies until they're wrecked!

    • Save the Monster
      Save the Monster
      Played 0 times

      This cute little monster needs your help jumping over these boulders as he goes through each tunnel and across the bridge! Get ready for a good time in this wonderful new mobile game, Save the Monster!

    • Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
      Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
      Played 57 times

      It's the season to be silly! These crazy creatures found new ways to be dangerously jolly! Can you protect them to keep the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays alive?