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Miami Crime Simulator 3D

The streets of this world-famous metropolis are swamped with criminals. Help put an end to the chaos in Miami Crime Simulator 3D.

Only you can hunt down and eliminate all the bad guys that are terrorizing the city’s citizens. You’ll have to become a one man army to get the job done. Fight back with pistols, grenades, and other awesome weapons in this totally crazy action game.

Vehicles and even jet packs will help you complete your epic mission, but you can also change outfits and even take a lucky rabbit’s foot along with you. Will you be able to complete the goals in every exciting level?

How to Play Miami Crime Simulator 3D?

Miami Crime Simulator 3D is a thrilling online game. Team up with a fearless cop while he attempts to clean up the streets of Miami with everything from machine guns to tanks!

Game Controls


  • PRESS W, A, S, D OR THE ARROW KEYS to move.
  • PRESS P to pause.
  • PRESS ENTER to take control of a vehicle.


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to aim your weapons.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.
  • RIGHT CLICK to throw a grenade.

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Who Developed Miami Crime Simulator 3D?

Miami Crime Simulator 3D was created by Great Games.