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Call of War

War has engulfed Europe! Take a trip through time and head to the front lines. Will you be able to lead your forces to victory in Call of War? Take command of powerful armies, naval fleets, and more as you dive straight into the middle of World War 2 in this strategy game. 

Engage in real-time combat while you plan invasions, earn gold, decide how to use your resources, and figure out how to defend your nation and its cities. You’ll need to train your military units, construct buildings and other facilities, and show your enemies no mercy. After all, this is a major military conflict we’re talking about here!

Time is a major factor in this browser-based war game. You’ll have to choose where to spend yours. Should it be on maintaining your buildings or developing new technologies that could give your units a huge boost? There’s also spies to worry about. Use yours to prevent espionage within your own borders or send them behind enemy lines to create tons of mayhem! 

How to Play Call of War? 

Call of War puts players in charge of a nation during World War 2. They must train their military forces, develop new technologies, and much more as they try to expand their borders and take control of provinces. The player who earns a certain number of Victory Points wins the game. 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to look at the map, inspect resources, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK to choose units, make strategic choices, and more. 


  • Thrilling, real-time combat. 
  • Dozens of buildings, military units, and other resources. 
  • Top secret weapons you can use to crush your enemies. 
  • Up to 100 opponents on each map. 
  • Regularly updated with new content. 

What are the Tips and Tricks for Call of War? 

  • Read the newspapers! A new edition comes out each day. They contain important information about alliances and declarations of war. 
  • During the first day, you should research Infantry Level 1 and Armored Car Level 1 to get off to a good start. 
  • Put your spies to good use. They can provide vital intel like the location of enemy armies and interrupt resource production. 
  • Use tactical bombers during relentless blitzkrieg attacks to gain more territory. 
  • Keep your front lines well guarded. You never know when your enemies might attempt to cross them. 

The Call of War wiki contains a lot more helpful tactics. You should check it out! 

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Who Developed Call of War? 

Bytro Labs made Call of War along with other great MMO games like New World Empires and Mars Tomorrow. 

Can I Play Call of War on Mobile? 

The app version of Call of War is available to download from Google Play.