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Royal Story
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Royal Story

A kingdom full of fun and adventure is waiting for you in Royal Story!

Once upon a time, there was a princess who woke up from a mysterious slumber and found her kingdom in ruins. Oh, wait! That time is right now! Team up with the princess and a helpful gnome while they get to work in this multiplayer online farming game.

While she might look like the sort of royal who would rather spend all day shopping for tiaras, she’s ready to roll up the sleeves on her gown and start chopping wood. She’ll also have to plant crops, milk her new cow Patty, and slowly put her kingdom back together. There's lots of daily rewards to collect and other projects to work on as well. As you complete them, more and more of the kingdom’s history will be revealed.

Is it possible that a wicked witch was responsible for this mess? You’ll have to play this social game to find out! Unlock new corners of the princess’s kingdom while you restore it to its former glory. There’s also other gamers busy working in neighboring kingdoms who will help you out. You might even get to take care of an adorable baby dragon and lots of other magical pets during the exciting journey that’s in store for the princess and all her friends!

How to Play Royal Story?

Royal Story is an enchanting farming game. Team up with a princess who has just awoken from a mysterious slumber to discover that her kingdom is in terrible condition. Can you help her find out what happened while she fixes up her castle and the surrounding lands?

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menus.
  • LEFT CLICK to move the princess, select projects, choose tools, and more.


  • Enchanting graphics and adorable characters.
  • Tons of cool projects. You can repair bridges, unlock new areas, and even build a coffee machine!
  • Daily gifts that will provide you with really useful items.
  • Special quests with unique rewards.
  • A shop full of awesome stuff, animals, buildings, and more!
  • A magical storybook that will gradually tell you the tale of the princess and her kingdom.
  • A special friend feature that will let you chat with other players and visit their kingdoms.

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Who Developed Royal Story?

Royal Story was developed by FunPlus.

This Game is Now Available in HTML5

Good news! This game is now available in HTML5. You don’t have to read any instructions or use a plugin to make it work either. It's the same great game that you already know and love. If you encounter any technical issues, please contact our support team.