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Battle For the Galaxy

A war on the edges of the universe is about to begin! Lead your armies to victory in Battle For the Galaxy.

Your robotic assistant is ready to show you the ropes as you break ground on the remainder of your first base. The headquarters is already constructed, but you’ll need to figure out how to use your first building drone. It will put together useful structures like starports that will help you transport your troops to the front lines.

For the clashes still yet to come, you’ll need to assemble squadrons of mechs, foot soldiers, and other units before sending them to the landing zones near your enemy’s bases. Capture valuable resources like titanium and use them wisely while you decide whether to pool them into defensive projects or use them to organize awesome and very powerful armies. Those will definitely aid your efforts to blast your adversaries to bits in this futuristic battle game!

How to Play Battle For the Galaxy?

Battle For the Galaxy is an MMO strategy game that's totally out of this world! Dive into the middle of a war on a distant planet. Assemble your units, plan your attacks, and show your enemies absolutely no mercy.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menus and more.
  • LEFT CLICK to press buttons, select military units, and more.

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Can I Play Battle For the Galaxy on Mobile?

Absolutely! You can work toward your next impressive military conquest after downloading the game from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Who Developed Battle For the Galaxy?

Battle For the Galaxy was designed by AMT Games.