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Worm Games

About Our Worm Games

You can really worm your way into our wonderful worm games! Team up with these creepy crawlies while they get involved in a few truly colossal battles! They're going to find themselves in the middle of some really intense feeding frenzies in a series of free to play .io games. Dive into intense matches where you'll need to gobble up everything from yummy cupcakes to glowing power pellets as quickly as you can. While no invertebrate is quite invincible, the bigger you are, the harder it will be to make you fall in these awesome multiplayer games!

What are the Best Worm Games on Mobile?

These hit online games have been addicting players from all over the world for over a decade. Check out Worms.Zone and They're two of our most popular entries in this cool category. Your mission? To survive for as long as possible while your worm grows bigger and stronger. If you would rather take control of a really rad reptile, check out the snake games. They're just as hungry and competitive as their smaller and slinkier but less slithery counterparts. Will you be able to handle a few epic fights to the finish with them?