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Troll Face Quest Games

About Our Troll Face Quest Games

So many people to annoy, so little time! Join forces with the world’s greatest prankster in our awesome collection of Troll Face Quest games. Troll Face knows everything there is to know when it comes to tormenting characters from all your favorite TV shows, films, video games, and internet memes. They won't know what hit them when he and his fellow trolls put them into all sorts of crazy scenarios in this popular series of funny puzzle games.

What are the Newest Troll Face Quest Games?

In each hilarious level, you’ll have to click on the right person, animal, or object that will trigger a totally crazy outcome. Nothing is ever quite what it seems in these adventure games, so don't go looking for any easy answers. You’ll definitely need to think outside the box. Will you be able to make it to the end of each one of these meme games that were produced by Agame?