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Silly ways to die: Christmas Party

You’ve never gone to a holiday shindig quite like this one! Can you keep these festive creatures out of trouble in Silly Ways to Die: Christmas Party

They’re chock full of holiday spirit, but they’re really not paying attention to what they’re doing. Can you help prevent their Christmas from becoming downright catastrophic in this funny adventure game

You’ll need to help them avoid grumpy monsters, escape from annoying coworkers who are trying to chase them down for a smooch under the mistletoe, and much more! You’ll only get a few lives and you’ll really need to move fast. These creatures are incredibly clumsy and just so happen to be quite haphazard! Will you be able to keep them safe in each super silly scenario?

How to Play Silly Ways to Die: Christmas Party? 

Silly Ways to Die: Christmas Party is a humorous puzzle game. You’ll need to protect a group of celebratory creatures while they all hang out at a holiday party. 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for solutions to each scenario. 
  • LEFT CLICK on the creatures, various items, and more. 

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Who Developed Silly Ways to Die: Christmas Party? 

Silly Ways to Die: Christmas Party was developed by Agame.