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Life Clicker

Life Clicker is an indie simulation game with idle clicker game mechanics. Help your character climb up from a poorly paid worker sleeping on a park bench to a generously remunerated boss living in a dream apartment.

How to play Life Clicker?

The way to climb the job ladder in this life simulation is through work experience and education. By leveling up in the two job tracks - factory work and the catering industry - you can earn a higher hourly wage.

However, the real jump in pay comes through education. So make sure to reserve some money and energy for courses and classes. This way you can learn the skills you need to become a chef, a foreman, and even climb all the way up to a position in higher management.

Working and studying costs money and energy, of course. So be sure to get some sleep and have some fun as well. If your character becomes unmotivated, your skill level will increase more slowly.

It’s hard to keep your nose to the grindstone and have a good time when you’re forced to sleep on a park bench or stay in a ratty hostel. But as your salary goes up, you’ll be able to afford better apartments and a better quality of life overall.

How high can you climb?

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to tap the buttons and navigate through the game
  • Tapping rapidly during activities will add extra points
  • Upgrade your character with Status Point via the character menu (top right corner)

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Who created Life Clicker?

Life Clicker was created by Barsuk Studio.

When was Life Clicker first released?

This game was first released on January 19, 2024.