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Muscle Clicker 2

Muscle Clicker 2 is back with new exercises, competitions, and customization options. Your character looks pretty skinny. Hit the weight rack and do all kinds of exercises to make him pack on more muscle mass and get swole!

How to play Muscle Clicker 2?

Your objective is to turn the skinny dude into a buff bodybuilder. Grab some weights and start pumping iron, or train your legs on the spinning machine and the treadmill.

You can earn status points to build up your upper body and lower body strength, or increase your character’s stamina. It also helps to buy some mysterious but performance enhancing supplements at the fitness store.

Upgrade your weights and cardio machines, earn extra money by setting new records in competitions, and watch your character grow!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • tap the buttons at the top to explore the menus
  • Click and hold to exercise
  • Click rapidly during competitions to squeeze out more reps

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Who created Muscle Clicker 2?

Muscle Clicker 2 was created by Barsuk Studio.

When was Muscle Clicker 2 first released?

This game was released in January, 2024.