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Family Relics

You just received a letter from your Uncle Archie. You haven’t seen him in a while, but he wants you to take over his farm in Family Relics!

He’s decided to go on a long expedition, and he trusts you to handle his daily tasks in this follow-up to the popular online game Farm Days. Head to Willow Hills where his manager Donald is waiting to meet with you. He’ll show you the ropes as you start your first day.

There’s tons of stuff to do in this multiplayer game. The farmhouse could use some patching up. You’ll need to gather materials for that project and get the roof fixed before Donald shows you how to manage the trading post, harvest corps, help your customers, and much more! What else will you discover around the farm as you settle in and get to work?

How to Play Family Relics?

Family Relics is a business simulation game that lets you play alongside other gamers from all around the world while you run your uncle's farm. Team up with his manager Donald while you try to turn the farm into a huge success!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to select items and begin projects.
  • LEFT CLICK to use various items while you work on the farm.

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Who Developed Family Relics?

Family Relics was developed by Social Infinite.