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Discover our catalogue of Hidden Object games

Do you have the skills of a true detective like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot? Or maybe you were an avid reader of the original Nancy Drew books back in the day? If you have a keen eye for details, try your hand at our collection of free hidden objects games, one of the most popular online puzzle game genres!

Put your sleuthing skills to the test and find the hidden items. Each detailed setting is packed with clues and hints. From dark, windswept landscapes and haunted houses to shocking crime scenes, from picturesque villages to mysterious mansions, there are plenty of strange places to explore and secrets to uncover in our hidden object games for adults.

What are Hidden Object, HOS, and HOPA games?

These games are often referred to as ‘HOG’ (hidden object game), but you might also see them referred to as ‘HOS’ or ‘HOPA’. HOS stands for ‘hidden object scenes’, and HOPA is short for ‘Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure’. These terms are often used interchangeably.

The goal is simply to find and collect a list of lost items concealed in a certain location or series of pictures. Many hidden object games include an intriguing story, usually surrounding some mystery the main character must solve, but some do not. Examples of HOS titles without an explicit narrative are Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser and the 3D seek and find game Hidden Magic: OG.

Several games in this genre contain an immersive narrative and feature additional types of puzzles in addition to search puzzles with a list of items. An example of this type of HOPA game is Mary Knots Garden Wedding, in which the main character returns to her hometown to help her elderly parents to clear out their cluttered home. Before she knows it, her restful cleaning holiday takes a hectic turn when she is roped into preparing a wedding venue for an old friend…

The HOG genre also overlaps with a number of other game categories, such as detective titles, search and find, and escape room games. Especially for the latter, the game dynamics can be quite similar: you must scour the room in which you are trapped for hidden items, and use them as tools to solve puzzles and find your way to the exit.

Tips for Hidden Object games

Discovering the right clues, items and treasures can be tricky, especially in games with a tight time limit. The key to finding what you are looking for is to stay calm and examine the scenes and clues thoroughly. Here are some additional tips to get better and playing hidden object games:

  1. Study the list of items you need to find first. If the game features a list of hidden objects, it often comes with images. However, they aren’t always the same size as the ones in the scene!
  2. Keep an eye out for movable components. Sometimes objects may be hidden inside of cupboards, drawers, or in secret compartments.
  3. Some puzzles are solved by cracking a code. Take note of symbols or numbers scrawled on the walls or hidden as part of the decor.
  4. Look for switches, pieces of rope, keys or levers. Sometimes finding the right use for an item will require some creativity. 
  5. Try a system that works best for you. Some people look for multiple items at the same time, while others pick a single object to focus on. See what approach works best for you.
  6. Some games feature a hint system. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for, check if there’s a hint button you can use.

What is the most popular Hidden Object game?

Below, you’ll find two up-to-date lists of our most popular hidden object games for PC and mobile:

What are the Best Hidden Objects Games?

  1. Hidden Object Rooms Exploration
  2. Home Makeover: Hidden Object
  3. Rachel Holmes: Find Differences
  4. What's Grandma Hiding?
  5. Mary Knots: Garden Wedding
  6. Hidden Investigation: Who Did It?
  7. Mystery Venue Hidden Object
  8. Arabian Night 1001
  9. Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser
  10. Hidden Magic OG

What are the Best Hidden Objects Games on Mobile?

  1. Hidden Object Rooms Exploration
  2. Home Makeover: Hidden Object
  3. Mary Knots: Garden Wedding
  4. Troll Face Quest TV Shows
  5. Rachel Holmes: Find Differences