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Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object

Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object is a puzzle game set in the underwater realm of the mermaids. Can you find all the items hidden in the sea?

This hidden objects game has over 100 levels with beautiful illustrations of mythical sea creatures with the upper body of a woman and a long fish-like tail. There are seven different game modes to unlock, and a match-3 game to boost your score.

The items are listed in the panel below the hidden object scene, and may appear as images, silhouettes, or words. Some levels are timed, and the remaining time is displayed in the blue bar above the object panel. Explore the ocean world of the merfolk.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to collect the items.

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Who Developed Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object?

Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object was created by Origaming Media.