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Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats is a cozy game in the HOS (‘hidden object scene’) genre.

Team up with your fuzzy detective partner, Carrot, to find missing cats throughout the village, while you follow their exciting story. Collect pictures of hints such as paw prints to catch the more elusive felines, and enjoy the colorful and picturesque hand-drawn areas while you search and find each furry friend. This cat game is the perfect puzzler to wind down and relax.

How to play Hidden Cats

Use your mouse or touchscreen to look around the various locations and click or tap to reveal the hidden cats. If you need a hint, you can tap the cat you’re looking for in the banner menu.

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Who created Hidden Cats?

This cat puzzle game was developed by MOBASO.

When was Hidden Cats: Detective Agency released?

This searching game was first released on the web in January of 2023.