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Chess Games

About Our online Chess Games

Our fantastic chess games are great for beginners and experienced chessmasters alike! You can challenge the computer or take on a friend while you attempt to capture their king. There's several different versions of the classic board game in our awesome collection as well. Enjoy cool 3D graphics or retro ones that are straight out of the 1980s. There’s also unique editions of the world famous brain game with different rules and other features that will definitely keep you on your toes! 

How to Play Chess?

Chess is a complex board game that only takes a few minutes to learn but one that many say could take a lifetime to master. The goal is to place your opponent's king in a situation known as checkmate. This means they cannot make a move without their king being captured by one of your pieces. When a king is placed in checkmate, the game ends. 

Each piece, ranging from pawns to the king, moves in specific ways across the board. Many versions of the classic game that you’ll find here at Agame will let you choose to play as either the light pieces or the darker pieces before you make your first move. Good luck!

What are the Best Chess Games on Mobile?

People have been playing chess since at least the 13th century, but the modern rules for the two-player strategic board game weren't standardized until about 500 years later. It's very likely that it's a game that will be enjoyed for many centuries to come. Chess has a timeless appeal, which you'll definitely get to experience for yourself while you play these popular free games.