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3D Chess

New and more experienced players will love 3D Chess!

Go up against the computer or a friend in this 3D chess game. Whether you're a true chessmaster or a fan of the popular Netflix series The Queen's Gambit and have never actually played chess before, you'll find it fun and challenging.

Will you get a checkmate after you dive into this chess game? You can change the settings before you begin. Try out a 8x8 board or a 6x6 one. You can also switch the difficulty level or use a 2D board. If you make a move that you regret, just press the take back button to undo it.

How to Play 3D Chess?

3D Chess is an online version of the classic board game. Your goal is to capture your opponent's king.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK and HOLD to select a chess piece.
  • SLIDE and UNCLICK to move it into a different spot.

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Who Developed 3D Chess?

3D Chess was created by CD Games.