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Regicide isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach! If you aim for the king, you’d better not miss in Murder

It’s a funny murder game that’s to die for! You’ll be literally following in the footsteps of a malevolent monarch. Have you got what it takes to end his reign of terror? Creep up on him slowly and, when the time is right, strike with your dagger! But heavy is the head that wears the crown in this killing game. You might wind up getting followed by an assassin yourself if you succeed and are brave enough to take the throne!

How to Play Murder?

Murder is a very funny game. Your goal is to kill the king, but what will happen next? Attack him at just the right moment, but watch out! If he spots you, you’ll get tossed into the nearest dungeon! 

Game Controls 

  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to prepare your attack
  • RELEASE THE SPACEBAR if you think the king is about to turn around.

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Who Developed Murder?

Murder was created by Studio Seufz.