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My Farm Life

My Farm Life is an adventure simulation game set on a farm. Here, you can carry out all kinds of tasks to grow your business. Taking care of your farm animals, plant and harvest crops, and sell your produce at the market or to the wholesales booth.

How to play My Farm Life?

You start with a small island with very little on it. Just a field for planting corn. Get to work and plant some seeds. Water your plants and harvest them. Use the money you earn by selling your corn at the market to unlock new areas.

Quickly, you’ll be able to expand your farm and add tomatoes and sunflowers, fruit trees, hens, a cow, and so much more.

Run up to each area to invest the money you have. The counter displayed within each area will show you how much you need to put in. When you walk onto a field, buttons will appear to allow you to sow seeds, water them, and harvest your crops.

Once you have the space to open up a warehouse, you can also hire workers. Upgrade them to keep increasing your income so you can continue to expand your farm.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • When you enter an area, buttons and instructions will appear on the screen

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Who created My Farm Life?

My Farm Life was created by YAD.

When was My Farm Life first released?

This game was first released on February 8, 2024.