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Merge Blast

Merge Blast is an arcade shooting game in which you have to break the falling shapes wit your cannon. Earn coins to unlock new cannons and merge them to create more powerful weapons.

How to play Merge Blast?

Defend your castle in this arcade game. Use the cannons to shoot the falling shapes before they hit your castle. The shapes will do at least half a heart’s worth of damage, and then bounce up again.

If they fall down after bouncing, they’ll continue to do more damage. Try to shoot them before they hit. When you are out of hearts, you’ll have to retry the level.

You can use any coins you’ve earned to unlock new weapons between attempts as well. Tap on ‘Continue’ to view the upgrade menu. Unlock new cannons and merge them together to create a more powerful one. As you continue the game, more turrets will become available. You’ll also be able to unlock additional merging slots by collecting gems.

Game Controls


  • Use the mouse to play. Hold to shoot and drag to aim.


  • Hold your finger on the screen to shoot, and swipe to aim.

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Who created Merge Blast?

Merge Blast was created by Ember Whirl.