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Impostor: Hide 'N Seek 2

Will you duck for cover or play as the seeker in Impostor: Hide 'N Seek 2?

It's just one of the games in the Impostor series that was inspired by Among Us, the popular mobile game. You’ll be joining a group of aliens while they play several rounds of hide ‘n seek in a series of mazes.

How to Play Impostor: Hide 'N Seek 2?

Impostor: Hide 'N Seek 2 is an exciting adventure game. Become the seeker and try to find a group of aliens who are attempting to avoid you. You can also play as one of the hidden aliens and your goal will be to collect as many diamonds as you can in each level.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of your alien.
  • USE THE MOUSE to guide them through each maze.

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Who Developed Impostor: Hide ‘N Seek 2?

Impostor: Hide ‘N Seek 2 was created by