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Red Impostor

There’s a dangerous killer on board this spaceship, and it’s you! Attack your victims in Red Impostor.

How many of your fellow crew members will you mercilessly slaughter in this installment of the Imposter series that was inspired by the hit mobile game Among Us? You’ll need to sneak up on your victims and take them down, one by one! Your murder spree will help you earn coins that you can trade in for different spacesuits between levels.

How to Play Red Impostor?

Red Impostor is an intense 3D action game. Join a psychotic alien on a spacecraft while they dismember their fellow crew members. If your colleagues figure out what you’re doing though, they’ll chuck you out of the nearest airlock!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of your alien. 
  • USE THE MOUSE to guide them through the spacecraft. 
  • LEFT CLICK THE KILL BUTTON to attack a victim.

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Who Developed Red Impostor?

Red Impostor was designed by