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We're Impostors: Kill Together

A very deadly mission is about to begin in We’re Impostors: Kill Together. Will your team make it to the final level of this stealth action game?

Join forces with two assassins in this installment of the popular Impostors series. One is dressed in a blue jumpsuit, the other in a red one, but not because these are their favorite colors. The jumpsuits will determine who they can attack as they make their way through each level. Use everything from portals to floating platforms as they try to eliminate everyone on their hit list.

How to Play We're Impostors: Kill Together?

We're Impostors: Kill Together is an exciting platform game. Team up with two assassins as they try to wipe out a group of workers and guards in a top secret lab. However, if one of their targets is dressed in blue or red clothing, the assassin dressed in the same color will need to attack them.

Game Controls


  • PRESS A AND D OR THE LEFT AND RIGHT ARROWS to move and attack.
  • PRESS UP to jump.
  • PRESS CTRL to switch between characters.


  • LEFT CLICK ON THE BUTTONS ON THE SCREEN to switch characters or make them move and attack.

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Who Developed We're Impostors: Kill Together?

We're Impostors: Kill Together was created by Bin Studio.