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Impostor Rescue

Pull out the pins in the right order in Impostor Rescue. In space, nobody can hear the Impostors scream as you eliminate them one by one!

Your crewmate is searching for treasures aboard a spaceship full of murderous adversaries. In order to solve each level of this puzzle game, you’ll have to examine the situation carefully to determine which pins to pull out first.

How to Play Impostor Rescue?

The Impostors are out to kill your crewmate. Use the lava and the falling rocks to crush or burn them while leading your hero safely to the treasure. Pull the pins out in the wrong order, however, and your hero won’t live to tell the tale!

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK on the pins to remove them.


  • TOUCH the pins to remove them.

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Who Developed Impostor Rescue?

Impostor Rescue was created by Mad Buffer.