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Hedgies is an adorable farming adventure. Hedgie the Hedgehog has returned home from his travels to find his garden and the summer kitchen abandoned and overgrown. Time to roll up your sleeves and restore your garden farm to its former splendor!

With over 500K downloads in the app store, Hedgies is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, and Indonesian.

How to play Hedgies?

Your aim is to fix the garden, cook food, and help the animals you encounter. Help the sheep gather provisions, and the beaver to craft items in the workshop.

New tasks will pop up when you talk to other characters, and move to the tabs on the left of the screen. Tap on a tab to see which items you need to collect to complete each task.

Plant crops and harvest them. You can then use them to prepare delicious dishes in your kitchen. Collect stone and wood to craft beams and planks so that you can restore the dilapidated buildings in the garden.

Open the gates to new sections of the garden by finding the keys. You can also travel to other farms to gather additional resources, and create hats and other accessories in the Battle of Tailors game area.

Play this game with the sound on to hear Hedgie identify new and surprise items you may find while harvesting. This will help you discover new resources more easily.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to tap the items you want to interact with.

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Who created Hedgies?

Hedgies was created by Google Commerce Ltd.

When was Hedgies first released?

The mobile app version of this game was first released in October 2019. The game has been updated and expanded several times since. The web edition was first published on our site in August 2023.