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Golden Farm

Golden Farm is a farming simulator game in which you must repair the machines around your old farmstead. You can also complete various minigames in which you can help local artisans by solving puzzles and searching for lost items to collect rewards.

How to play Golden Farm?

Build your own farm by exploring the area and collecting the resources you need to repair the old buildings and machines, or purchase new ones.

First, you can choose your character. As the game progresses, you can earn additional items to customize their look via the character menu.

You will receive some coins to start, and one of the characters will help you buy your first machines and animal pens. Now you can start to plant and harvest crops, and feed your barnyard animals to collect milk and eggs. Bring your produce to the truck to sell them at the market and earn more coins.

Earning Extra Rewards in Golden Farm

There are two main ways to earn extra rewards in this game:

  1. Complete the assignments listed in the tasks panel. Here you can also see which parts of your farm the other in-game characters advise you to work on next.
  2. Travel to new locations and play the mini games. In these puzzle-based side-stories, you can help local artisans solve a problem, such as fixing the old mill after a storm. Search the area to find lost items and other supplies you need. 

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap the items in the farmyard and click to select an action
  • Drag the seeds or the basket over the fields and crops to sow and harvest

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Who created Golden Farm?

Golden Farm was created by P.D. Playgenes International. 

When was Golden Farm first released?

This game was first released for mobile on December 4, 2017 and has been expanded and updated several times since. This web version first went live on our site in August 2023.