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Delicious - Emily's New Beginning

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning is a wonderful new adventure in the Delicious series. Now that baby Paige is a bit older, Emily wants to get back to running her restaurant again. It’s not easy though, keeping an eye on little Paige while also serving all of her customers…

How to play Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

In this time management game, your mission is to help Emily run her restaurant while also looking after Paige when Patrick is at work. Take your customers’ orders and collect the right items from the kitchen. Serve your customers, keep the tables clean, and make sure Paige doesn’t escape from her playpen.

There are so many tasks to juggle at once. Especially since you’ll have to diversify Emily’s menu to compete with the fancy new restaurant across the street. Try to serve your customers as quickly as possible to earn the maximum amount of tips. After you’ve served your customers their order, don’t forget to head to the cash register to take their payment.

How to prepare special items in Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

There are a number of items on the menu that take a bit more work and care to prepare, such as hamburgers, apple pies, and ice cream. Here’s how to do it:

How to make burgers in Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

To make burgers, you’ll have to tap the items in the right order. Start with the bottom half of the bun, then the hamburger patty, then the cheese, followed by the top of the bun. Tap the items in order quickly, or Emily will lose focus and she’ll have to start from the top. Look at the orders carefully, because some customers don’t want cheese on their burger!

How to make apple pies in Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

Tap the pie base and then the apple. The pie will go into the oven automatically, and when it’s ready, the oven will pop open. Be sure to run to the oven and take the pie out quickly, or it’ll get burnt and you’ll have to try again!

How to make ice cream in Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

Tap the ice cream machine to turn it on. Be sure to grab the cup of soft serve ice cream when it’s ready. Otherwise, the machine will just keep going and it’ll become one big mess!

Game Controls

  • Tap the items to collect them, and tap on the customers to bring them their orders
  • Tap on the cash register to take payments
  • Tap on Paige to pick her up and bring her back to her playpen

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Who created Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning?

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning was created by Gamehouse.