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ASMR Beauty Treatment

ASMR Beauty Treatment is a doctor game in which you are a beauty specialist with dentistry as well as dermatology skills. Can you help today’s patient? She hasn’t been brushing her teeth properly, and her skin is covered in pimples!

How to play ASMR Beauty Treatment?

Start with your patient’s teeth. Use the dentist’s instruments to remove the gunk between her teeth and scrape away the calculus or dental tartar. Brush her teeth to make them pearly white and sparkly again.

Now it’s time to pop those pimples! Wax your patient’s unibrow and use the blemish extractors to burst the whiteheads. Clean her skin and apply some foundation before you head to the makeover station.

Lastly, you can style your patient’s hair, make-up, and clothing.

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Who created ASMR Beauty Treatment?

ASMR Beauty Treatment was created by iclickgames. 

When was ASMR Beauty Treatment first released?

This game was first released on March 26, 2024.