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ASMR Stye Treatment

ASMR Stye Treatment is a skin care and surgery game in which you can help a patient with a stye, a painful red bump near the eyelid. It might look like a pimple, but a stye is actually an inflamed oil gland. The medical name for a stye is hordeolum.

How to play ASMR Stye Treatment?

Usually, a stye goes away by itself, but this patient needs your help to treat this painful bump. In the meanwhile, you and your patient can relax with soothing scrubbing and brushing sounds in this ASMR-inspired clinic.

Apply cooling cream and cleansing lotions to her inflamed skin. Treat her pimples and help the girl learn good make-up hygiene habits by removing her lenses, expired eyeshadow and crusty mascara. Now you’re ready to carefully treat the stye.

Once you’ve healed your patient, you can help style her hair, make-up, and clothing to create a whole new look.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play.

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Who created ASMR Stye Treatment?

ASMR Stye Treatment was created by iclickgames.

When was ASMR Stye Treatment first released?

This game was first released on December 18, 2023.