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Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders is a crossword game packed with bite-sized puzzles. Rearrange the letters in the letter wheel to spell as many words as you can.

How to play Words of Wonders?

The aim is to fill each crossword puzzle grid. Swipe across the letters in the wheel in the right order to spell words. Each letter can only be used once.

Like with regular crossword puzzles, the words you have already found will help you guess the remaining ones. You can also ask for hints: when you tap the lightbulb, a random square in the grid will be revealed.

You’ll sometimes be able to spell additional words with the letters in the wheel. For each extra word you find, points will be added to a prize pool you can unlock.

Game Controls

  • Use the keyboard to type the words on desktop and laptop.
  • You can also swipe from letter to letter while pressing the left mouse button, and release to complete the word.
  • On touchscreen devices, swipe across the letters in order to spell the words

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Who created Words of Wonders?

Words of Wonders was created by Famobi.

When was Words of Wonders first released?

This game was released on July 12, 2023.