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Rum & Gun

Avast! What treasures await ye on this mysterious isle? Set foot ashore and start explorin' in Rum & Gun!

Ye be needin' plenty of rum to keep both yer spirits and your health meter up while ye battle foes that are wieldin' everything from muskets to claws! Take on monstrous crabs and belligerent buccaneers as the isle's secrets start revealin' themselves.

Legends tell of a dastardly deity called the Drunken God who once called the isle home. Should ye encounter him, he'll probably be an ornery scallywag. So be sure to grab lots of gunpowder and bombs during yer adventure or ye might yerself in Davy Jones' Locker before sunset!

How to Play Rum & Gun?

Rum & Gun is an action-packed pirate game that takes place on a legendary island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Search for resources as you fight dangerous enemies that are both human and non-human.

Game Controls


  • PRESS ENTER to leave your boat.
  • PRESS W, A, S, D OR ARROWS to move.
  • PRESS E to drink rum.
  • PRESS P to pause.
  • PRESS Q to run.
  • PRESS T to use a weapon.


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to direct your pirate.
  • LEFT CLICK to use a weapon.

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Who Developed Rum & Gun?

Rum & Gun was created by Borington.