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Killer Assassin

The odds are stacked against you. Will you be able to eliminate all of your targets in Killer Assassin

You'll be going up against a small army of guards and soldiers in a warehouse filled with many twists and turns. Hide behind the crates and choose the perfect moments to strike. You'll earn diamonds for every one of your enemies that you eliminate in this intense strategy game. Use them to buy assassins with cooler skills and even deadlier weapons. 

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How to Play Killer Assassin

Killer Assassin is an action game where you'll need to eliminate a certain number of targets in each level. If they spot you though, they'll quickly take you down with their machine guns. Use stealth and strategy to stay one step ahead of your enemies.  

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to decide where to send your assassin. 
  • LEFT CLICK to move them to a specific spot or attempt to kill a target. 

About the Game Developer 

Killer Assassin was developed by BPTop.