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Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War is a fun adventure game in which you set out on a quest with a team of heroes. Collect new teammates and attributes, and reset your raids to start off with better stats each time.

How to play Raid Heroes: Total War?

In this role-playing game (RPG), you can lead your hero on a quest against the goblins and other minions of the Dark Lord. Meet and collect new allies along the way by earning hero cards. The game starts with a brief tutorial. Pop-ups with information will appear when new game elements are introduced.

How to make your team stronger in Raid Heroes: Total War?

You can upgrade the stats of all the heroes on your team. You can also build castles, arenas, and other buildings that allow you to collect money automatically (idle mode) or enter PvP battles. However, upgrading is not the only way to make your team stronger…

Restarting your Quest in Raid Heroes: Total War?

At times, you will still run into chapters of the game where your progress slows down because the enemies you encounter are very strong. You can choose to reset your raid and start anew with better stats and earn extra rewards from the king.

When you restart your raid, the regular hero upgrades purchased with gold coins will also be reset, as will your hero’s level. However, artefact stats boosted with purple gems and the buildings you’ve constructed will remain, giving you a much better start.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Left click and drag the heroes to place them on the battlefield
  • Tap the red battle button to start fighting

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Who developed Raid Heroes: Total War?

Raid Heroes: Total War was developed by Persona-Games.