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Ludibubbles is a fun marble line puzzle game. Sail your boat around the island and shoot the marbles before they reach the end of the path.

How to play Ludibubbles?

In this Zuma bubble shooter game, your objective is to clear away the marbles before they reach the demonic portal at the end of the road. You can pop the colorful marbles by combining three or more of the same type.

In this game, your bubble cannon is mounted onto a ship. Sail around the island with your boat and find the best place from which to shoot your bubbles to clear the marble line.

Game Controls


  • Left click, hold, and drag and move the boat.
  • Release to shoot the bubble.


  • Tap, hold and swipe to move the boat.
  • Release to shoot.

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Who created Ludibubbles?

Ludibubbles was created by Gameloft SE.