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Kumu's Adventure

Plenty of action and excitement are to be found in the world of Kumu's Adventure! You’ll have to get your camp set up first, though.

Alex and Kidd have just arrived at an old base camp with dusty machines that look like they haven’t been used in years. Help them get everything up and running again before they begin their first journey in this strategic RPG game.

Their friends need their help so they’ll have to work fast. There’s no telling where Barkful has gone, and there’s a good chance that a few direwolves might be hot on his tail! Get ready for plenty of turn-based combat as you set out to rescue them, find fuel, search for ancient coins, track down more tech, and lots more! You’ll also need to repair machinery and vehicles while you use your resources wisely.

How to Play Kumu’s Adventure?

Kumu’s Adventure will send you on an epic adventure into a wilderness region full of dangerous enemies and ancient treasures with Kidd and his friends. Tag along with them and see if they make it back home alive!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate the map, menus, and more.
  • LEFT CLICK to select characters and items or make decisions.

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Who Developed Kumu’s Adventure?

Kumu’s Adventure was created by Camex Games.