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Battle Arena: RPG Online

Battle Arena: RPG Adventure is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and tactical role-playing game packed with exciting fights, special features such as tournaments and minigames, and lots of special events and player rewards. 

Assemble teams of fantasy heroes and lead them into battle. You can complete quests and daily missions, explore the level map, search dungeons for treasure, compete against other players in the arena, and much more!

How to play Battle Arena: RPG Adventure

Lead a team of fantasy characters into battle as you travel across the map. By defeating the monsters and other enemies, you can gather armor, weapons, and experience points to level up your characters.

Battles progress automatically, as characters will independently use their basic attacks and passive powers. However, each character also has a special move that can be deployed manually by tapping the character’s icon when charged. These extra powerful attacks can often make the difference between winning or losing a battle.

How to upgrade your characters in Battle Arena: RPG Adventure

You can upgrade your gladiators in several ways. The most basic is by earning experience points and raising your character’s level. You can also save up points to upgrade specific attacks and passive skills.

Equipment upgrades and Fusion

In addition, you can use the items you take from defeated enemies during your battle campaign to equip your characters. Further along in the game, you can also enchant certain items of armor to make them more powerful, or fuse your character with their magic equipment to make them stronger. 

Hero Quantums

Not only can you collect hero quantums to unlock new heroes, you can also use these special tokens to evolve your heroes. This, too, will boost their power level.

Skins, Runes, and more

In the heroes menu, you can gradually unlock more features as you progress through the game. You’ll be able to unlock new skins that change your warriors’ appearance as well as their stats. Each skin can be upgraded, too.

You’ll also be able to enhance your characters’ abilities by collecting and attributing runes, by giving them a pet, or by leveling up with ascension mana.

What other game features are there in Battle Arena: RPG Adventure?

In addition to the main battle campaign, this game also features lots of other unlockable elements. Use the gold and gems you have collected to buy quantums, equipment, and potions at the Market. Fight other players’ gladiator teams in the PvP arena, or join the tournaments to win treasure chests and other prizes.  

You can also unlock treasure chests by exploring the dungeons, or complete special missions around the temple of pets to summon various magical animals that can assist your heroes in battle. To gain additional equipment, you can explore the Lands of Trials, or return to the campaign map to replay completed chapters in Hard or Expert mode.

There’s much more to do besides in this extensive game, so don’t miss out!

Game Feature Summary

  • More than 50 upgradable heroes to unlock and evolve
  • Over 60 unique locations to visit
  • Replay levels in Hard and Expert mode after completion
  • Realtime PvP battles and player tournaments
  • Collect, equip, and enchant magic gear
  • Summon magical beasts as pets for your heroes
  • Play minigames by exploring towers, dungeons, and more

Who created Battle Arena: RPG Adventure?

Battle Arena: RPG Adventure was created by Red Brix Wall.

Publication Date

This game was published online in May 2023.