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Island Survival 3D

This beach ball is really delicate! Can you keep it from being destroyed in Island Survival 3D?

Help it reach the end of each challenging level in this platform game. You’ll need to roll it along the wooden walkways while you attempt to avoid miniature windmills with super sharp blades and other dangers. It will also sink like a stone if it lands in the water!

How to Play Island Survival 3D?

Island Survival is a tricky action game. Do your best to prevent the beach ball from getting popped by various hazards as you try to get it to the end of each intense level.

Game Controls


  • USE THE ARROW KEYS or PRESS W,A,S,D to move the ball.


  • SWIPE LEFT to make the camera move left.
  • SWIPE RIGHT to make the camera move right.

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Who Developed Island Survival 3D?

Island Survival 3D was created by No Outlinks.