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Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense is a tower defence game with lots of levels, upgrade options, and extra features to explore. Armies of enemy monsters and fantasy creatures will march down the forest path and descend upon your village if you don’t stop them!

How to play Gold Tower Defense?

In this fantasy game, you must protect your town by guarding the roads. Your town is marked by the golden flags. You must prevent the enemy armies from reaching the area where the flags are positioned.

To stop the monsters, you can build different types of towers along the road. Each tower will come with a number of short-range and long-range fighters to guard the road. They will attack every monster that comes within range.

You will receive gold coins for each monster your guards slay, and for each enemy wave you are able to launch ahead of time. Watch out, because in this game, the forest monsters know all kinds of short cuts and might emerge from the brush in unexpected places!

Upgrade your units and try to win extra heroes and other lootbox items by completing missions and playing the free ‘gacha’ game.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to place towers
  • Use the NUMBER KEYS to quick select special attacks and heroes

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Who created Gold Tower Defense?

Gold Tower Defense was created by Busidol.