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Dive Masters

Become a Diving Master in this thrilling skill game. Start from low ridges and work your way up as you make longer, more dangerous jumps! Perform tricks in midair, but make sure you stick your landing because otherwise you’ll need to start all over again. There is a map filled with different level types to explore, and you can unlock new characters and costumes like Big Dave the diver, or the Penguin Mascot. 

Game controls

  • Play this game by using your mouse. 
  • Hold down the left mouse button to decide the direction of your jump. 
  • When in the air, click and hold to flip.

Tips for Dive Masters

It can be very difficult to land properly in this game. Make sure that you take some time to practice your timing and get a feel for the time window you can perform tricks in before setting up to stick your landing.

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Who developed Dive Masters?

This flip diving game was made by 2Play.

When was Dive Masters released?

Dive Masters was released in January 2023.