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Two Punk Racing

What's better than one punk? Two, of course! Get ready to race in Two Punk Racing.

You can go it alone or compete against another player in this awesome 3D car game. Will you be able to beat the clock and get across the finish line before time runs out? Use your nitro booster to blast off ramps while you zoom along the track. There's coins you can collect during each race that you can use to unlock even cooler cars!

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How to Play Two Punk Racing?

Two punks or gamers can enjoy this racing game. Just select a car and get ready to race!

Game Controls

Player One

  • PRESS ARROWS to steer.
  • PRESS M to use nitro booster.

Player Two

  • PRESS W, A, S, D to steer.
  • PRESS Y to use nitro booster.

Who Developed Two Punk Racing?

Two Punk Racing was designed by RHM Interactive.