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Two Blocks

Two Blocks is a puzzle game in which you must try to collect colored blocks by clearing them from the board. Link up two or more blocks to remove them.

How to play Two Blocks?

In each of the 80 levels of this puzzle game, you must clear a certain number of colored blocks. This will be shown at the start of the level, and in the panel placed above the board.

To remove the blocks, you can link up two or more blocks horizontally and vertically. You cannot draw diagonal lines, however. You can make the chain as long as you want, and closing a chain will cause any unconnected blocks of the same color to pop, too. 

If you close a chain with another block inside the loop, that block will transform into a bomb. 

The game starts off with a brief tutorial in which you can try out all the special moves.

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Who created Two Blocks?

Two Blocks was created by Agame. 

When was Two Blocks first released?

This game was first released on 21 March, 2024.