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Stickman Brawler

Stickman Brawler is a multiplayer arena fighting game in which you have to beat the other players to collect coins. Unlock skins, upgrade your character, and defeat the bosses.

How to play Stickman Brawler?

At the start of each round, the participating players are dropped on the rooftop terrace. Run around, kicking and punching the other players, until they are all knocked out. Survival multiple rounds to try your hand against the various bosses.

In the main menu, you can unlock loot boxes to collect new character cards, or check the achievements list to score extra coins. You can also head into town to hone your skills in the forest, gem mine, or the quarry. Collect resources you can trade for skill points.

In the Skill menu, you can use the natural resources you have collected to upgrade your bonus skills. Using the coins you’ve earned, you can upgrade your basic fighting skills in the Upgrade menu.

Game Controls

WASD or Arrow Keys = Run and Normal Attack
Z and X = Special Attacks

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Who created Stickman Brawler?

Stickman Brawler was created by MarketJS.

When was Stickman Brawler first released?

This game was first released in February of 2024.