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Squirrel Hero

Squirrel Hero is a funny arcade game with 25 challenging levels. Help the squirrel defend his treehouse against the flying monsters.

How to play Squirrel Hero?

Jump on top of the monsters to defeat them. You can bounce from one monster to the next to eliminate multiple foes with a single jump. Don’t worry about the landing: after each jump, your heroic squirrel will reappear in front of the treehouse.

You will lose a heart each time a monster reaches your home. Complete the levels to unlock upgrades and bonus items that will help you defeat tougher enemies.

Game Controls

  • Hold and slide the mouse to aim using the dotted line
  • Release to jump

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Who created Squirrel Hero?

Squirrel Hero was created by Agame.

When was Squirrel Hero released?

This game is an HTML5 remake of a popular classic, and was released on September 28, 2023.