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Spades is a trick-taking game in which you must work together with the AI-player sitting across from you, to defeat the two AI-opponents on either side. In this card game, the spades suit always trumps.

How to play Spades?

To start the game, you must bid. You do this by examining your cards and making a strategic guess as to how many tricks you will be able to win this round. Every trick bid will earn you 10 points if you meet or exceed the ‘contract’ you made when bidding. Any extra tricks - or overtricks - that you take are scored 1.

Be careful not to set your bid too high though. You will not score any points if you ‘break contract’ and end up taking fewer tricks than your bid. The first team to reach 500 points across multiple rounds wins the game.

In Spades, the ace is the highest card, followed by the king - queen - jack - ten, and so forth. 

How does Blind Nil work?

This game also includes a blind nil option in which the team aims to take zero tricks. This option must be selected before you look at your cards. If the team succeeds in not taking any tricks that round, they win 150 points. It’s a risky bid, however: if they end up accidentally taking even a single trick, the team loses 150 points!

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Who created Spades?

Spades was created by MarketJS. 

When was Spades first released?

This game was first released on March 28, 2024.