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Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks

Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks is a single-player card sorting game. Can you clear away all of the cards before your stockpile runs out?

How to play Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks?

The aim is to clear all the playing cards from the table. You can remove the top cards if they are either one point higher or one point lower in value than the last card placed on the discard stack. The suit and color do not matter.

If you cannot remove any cards, draw a new one from the stockpile and see if you can start a new sequence. If you run out of cards in the stockpile before you can clear all of your cards, you lose the game.

There are several bonus cards that allow you to remove whole rows or groups in one go. Make clever use of them!

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play.

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Who created Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks?

Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks was created by BestPhysics.

When was Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks first released?

This game was first released on October 11, 2023.