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Jelly World

Jiggle, wiggle, and bounce your way through Jelly World!

Hang out with a group of adorable creatures while they explore an entire world made of jelly. Needless to say, this adventure game involves tons of jumping! You’ll need to help them continue their explorations by moving a series of platforms up and down. 

Can you get them to the finish line in every cute and challenging level? There's lots of precious gems to collect as well. You can use those to unlock other awesome creatures along the way. Just be careful! If you move the platforms too quickly, they'll go flying through the air!

How to Play Jelly World?

Journey through a world full of wiggling and jiggling jelly in this delightful 3D platform game. Move the platforms up and down to help a group of creatures while they explore a big chunk of it.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of the platforms.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE FORWARD to raise the platforms.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE BACKWARD to lower the platforms.

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Who Developed Jelly World?

Jelly World was created by