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Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing is a smoothly animated pseudo-3D car racing adventure. This wacky race features bouncy cars, bumpy roads, springy bridges, and the best shock absorbers you’ve ever seen on a vehicle. Hurtle down the path in 40 crazy levels and try to reach the finish without overturning your car.

How to play Funny Mad Racing?

Drive along the pixelated path in a Minecraft-inspired world and try to reach the finish without crashing. You can bash items like crates and debris out of the way, and even take a nosedive when an attempt at a front flip goes a little wrong, but there are limits…

Don’t slam the hood into anything, or allow the crushers to stomp on your roof, because while your suspension may withstand any impact, the car’s body will not!

Can you make it to the end of each track in the 40 levels of this well made game?

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to drive, brake, and keep the car balanced while jumping.

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Who created Funny Mad Racing?

Funny Mad Racing was created by RHM Interactive.

When was Funny Mad Racing first released?

This game was first released on December 13, 2023.