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Dino: Merge and Fight

Dino: Merge and Fight is a merge game in which you can fight battles with dinosaurs and cavemen. Strategically deploy a large number of unique units to win each skirmish and survive the various boss fights.

How to play Dino: Merge and Fight?

At the start of each level, you can purchase new units and place them in one of the cells.

Some units are fast, such as the Raptors. Others, like the T-Rex and Triceratops are slow and heavy close range units. Stone throwers and spearmen are long range units that can withstand less damage. You’ll have to think about where to place each unit to win each given battle. Different enemy formations require different strategies to defeat.

You can also combine two identical units to merge them into a more powerful one. Simply drag one unit over to a matching one. This will free up new slots, although you can also purchase new cells to station your units.

During battle, you can also summon a comet when the bar in the top left corner is full. Aim your comet at a cluster of your opponents to blast them into oblivion.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to select items and move them.

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Who created Dino: Merge and Fight?

Dino: Merge and Fight was created by Lipsar Studio.

When was Dino: Merge and Fight first released?

This game was released on July 13, 2023.