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Darts King

Darts King is a game of skill and precision. Match your skills against different opponents and collect trophies. Climb in the rankings and unlock new darts, player leagues, and other content.

How to play Darts King?

Throw the darts at the board. The score you throw will be subtracted from 101, and the first player to reach zero wins the game. You have to reach zero exactly. If you throw a higher score than the value of your remaining points, that’s a bust, and you lose your turn.

Collect money and trophies to open treasure chests and unlock new dart tips, barrels, shafts, and flights. Ascend in the player leagues to unlock treasure chests with better and more exclusive rewards.

Game Controls

  • To throw the darts, select one of your darts using the mouse
  • Hold and drag to the board - the circle will shrink and expand while you hold
  • Release when the circle is as small as possible to throw with the most precise aim

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Who created Darts King?

Darts King was created by Inlogic Software.

When was Darts King first released?

This game was first released on December 7, 2023.