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Dart Tournament Multiplayer

Dart Tournament Multiplayer is an online skill game in which you can challenge other players to a game of darts, or create a private room to play together with your friends.

How to play Dart Tournament Multiplayer?

This darts game follows regular tournament rules. Two players take turns throwing three darts at the board. The goal is to subtract points from your 501 starting score by hitting the scoring segments on the bristle dartboard. The first player to reach exactly zero points wins. However, it's important to note that the last dart you throw to achieve this zero score must hit a double. Otherwise, 124 penalty points will be added to your score.

How to score points in Dart Tournament Multiplayer

The doubles are the slim red and green outer scoring band that runs along the circle of the target. If you hit this band, you will receive 2x the segment score. The slim red and green inner scoring band marks the triples (3x the segment score).

In the centre of the dartboard you’ll see the bullseye: a red circle with a green ring around it. The outer ring of the bull is worth 25 points, and hitting the bullseye in the center is worth 50 points.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Click or tap once to make the moving dart stop
  • Click or tap and drag down/from side to side to set the force and direction of your throw
  • Release to throw the dart

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Who created Dart Tournament Multiplayer?

Dart Tournament Multiplayer was created by Tweensoft.