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Theatre Mode
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There's safety in numbers, so dive into and consume as many snacks as you can! 

In this multiplayer Impostor game, the king of the leaderboard is the player with the biggest group of clones. Run around the ship to gather tons of food that will allow you to spawn a team of smaller clones. You can consume your competitors, steal their clones, and add them to your group, but only if your following is bigger!

There are a number of boosters and upgrades that will give you an advantage over the other players in the arena. You can unlock new skins and earn extra coins by completing various achievements. There’s also plenty of starter clones, extra kill rewards, and cool improvements for your base character. 

How to Play

Collect the speed boosters to outrun your voracious crewmates and use the shields to protect yourself while you attack groups bigger than yours. Between runs, you can head to the Upgrade menu to unlock additional items and other features. 

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK and DRAG to move your crewmate.


  • SLIDE your finger across the screen and HOLD to move your crewmate.

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